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      New achievements of the company: expanded range of self-service control panels sinks, as well as the development of new mechanisms for vending machines ...

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  • Vending copier, printer, scanner, payment terminal SC-K.P2 Universal

    Vending copier, printer, scanner, payment terminal SC-K.P2 Universal

    Universal Vending copier (superior functionality kopirkin). Vandal has a modern building, a Russian interface and performs a large number of functions, combining previously available automated trading capabilities, such as: - the copying of documents up to A4; - Scan to PDF book and preservation; - Printing from USB-drive or floppy disk; - Library of forms, metodichek, abstracts, books; - Reception of payments for communication services and so on.


    AUTOMATIC XEROX SC-K / P2 (Univer) can not only copy documents, but also scan, print out the information from the media and accept payments. The emergence of such a machine has opened a new direction in
    vending - business.
    When designing the equipment we had three goals:
    - the machine must not be insanely expensive
    - machine should be easy to use
    - Machine should have a modern design
    This technology is patented and is consistent with our time. Machine accepts bills at the end of the work gives putting coins or by transferring funds to the mobile phone, respectively, printing a check payment. This means that user fees as comfortable as if he had come to duplicating center.



    Thumbnail image Thumbnail image Thumbnail image

    Machine is equipped with a 17 inch monitor touch glass, which in real time, you can see the original placed in the niche. He appears in the form in which will be published - it allows you to quickly align the document, and then click "Copy" touch of a finger to the monitor. After a few seconds will leave a copy.
    Copy Machine can work with data carriers - CD / DVD drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, which you might find useful when you, for example, want from their exercise book records to make e-book and keep it tucked in a pocket on the "flash drive" or disc. Everything will be just as easy and fast. Possible and reverse automatic read all the "office" files from your media and print the ones you want to have, providing an opportunity to review each of them and select the pages to be printed.
    Part reception of payments, such as payment for communication services , automatic duplicate the work of the payment terminal. At the beginning of the monitor you see the main menu machine: Select the desired service, you get into the module. Menus and tips are made in Russian, so that problems will not arise from the user.


    Scanner - allows you to make quick image capture, and then displays the result on the screen. Orienting the sheet, the user sees what happens in the end, which gives a distinct advantage compared to "photocopiers in boxes." High-speed printing, coupled with the rapid seizure allows the user to spend a minimum time for a solution to your problem.



    СThe spectrum of all supported file extensions do not require special preparation of the document to be printed on the machine. At the same time, the user has the ability to preview the document on the screen to cancel printing if the content does not suit him. Operative work copier touch kiosk allows to follow the usual pace of college life and creates a favorable working environment.


    Store received copies of any type of flash media, from the common USB-drives to exotic Memory Stisk. Popular PDF format allows you to conveniently put together result in an e-book which can be read below or printed on any computer. Using this function can be digitized rare training materials without the threat of damage, which at times makes them more accessible and saves time students at their subsequent placement in the electronic library.
    This electronic current file storage needed in a particular institution such as training materials, manuals, forms, notes, diagrams, drawings. Fill up the contents of the digital library can be any digital documents. The function is designed to preserve and increase the fund of knowledge at the same time ensuring its availability.

    Payment for services

    Opportunity to transfer money in favor of any of the leading local and mobile operators. Comparing favorably to payment terminals is that you can transfer any amount and denominations, including coins.
    Minimal effort, reliability and vandal resistance technique allows one person to maintain a network of dozens of units. The machine can work around the clock, with the specified energy-saving systems reduce energy costs, and online monitoring of machine downtime will not allow part-time functionality.


    The main functions of the machine:
    • Copying of documents up to A4 format, including "fast", the ability to scale
    • Scan documents to the resolution: 600x600, 4800 in interpolation mode, with the ability to print or save to media
    • Print documents from any media (USB flash drives, memory cards, CD / DVD drives)
    • Print documents, forms, etc. metodichek with its own database MFP
    • Supports virtually all types of documents (graphics, text, pdf, word and excel,)
    • Payments for mobile communication (support and other services)
    • Issuance of putting coins or by transfer of funds to a mobile phone
    • Intuitive touchscreen interface
    • Programmable value of any services
    • Issuing checks on the services provided
    • Maintain statistics on the services rendered with the function of sending reports to e-mail
    • monitoring unit (zastryavanie paper end paper tracking devices for receiving money, etc.)


    Key Features
    • Print type: black - white
    • Print speed: up to 33 pages. / Min (A4) - 2-fold and more than that of counterparts
    • First Copy Out Time (FCOT): ~ 8 seconds - 5 five times faster than that of counterparts
    • Paper size: A4
    • The maximum size of the original 35h22 (larger than A4)
    • Scaling to A4
    • feeder trays to 1050 sheets
    • Resource Kit raskh.materialov 6,000 copies
    • Programmable cost copies
    • Duplex copying
    • Adjust the number of copies from one original


    • Rugged metal housing
    • Dimensions (HxWxD): 1400 (worktop 1000) h1050h600 mm.
    • Weight machine (net): 140 kg.
    • Issuance of delivery coins (included as standard)
    • Module for remote monitoring of the state of the machine and sending reports (requires internet)
    • Bill acceptor with recognition of denominations of 96% or more at a speed of reception Approx. 2 seconds (including the process of stacking banknotes)
    • DVD-RW drive with slot-loading (optional)
    • Card reader (all major types of memory cards - Compact Flash / MMC / SD / Memory Stick)
    • Tray 500-sheet paper may optional extension to 1000 sheets
    • Touch screen 17 "vandal-proof protected 6-mm glass
    • Receipt Thermal Printer 80mm to print checks (optional, checks can be printed on A4)
    • Separate cash compartment safe type, lockable

    Calculate the cost of printing:Raschet_sebest.pdf
    A detailed description of the interface: Intfacemfu.pdf


    Video of the multifunctional vending machine interface:


    Remember! Cooperating with our company, you guarantee yourself:


    а) professional approach;


    б) quality service;


    в)guarantee stability;

    г) пtinuous development and improvement of our products.



    Automatic copier, printer, scanner, payment terminal SC-K.P2 $3 800.00
    Technical characteristics Additional options

    Vandal-proof metal housing

    The issuance of putting coins (included as standard)

    The module for remote monitoring of the state of the machine (requires internet, is a full complete set)

    Bill acceptor with recognition of denominations of 96% or more at a speed of reception Approx. 2 seconds (including the process of stacking banknotes)

    DVD-RW drive with slot-loading (optional)

    Card reader (все основные типы карт памяти - Compact Flash/MMC/SD/Memory Stick)

    The optional paper tray, 500 sheets (optional)

    The touch screen 17 "vandal-proof protected 6-mm glass

    Receipt Thermal Printer 80mm to print checks (optional)

    A separate cash compartment safe type, lockable

    The optional 500-sheet tray: +250 $

    Thermal Custom TG2480, 80mm: +450 $

    3G Modem for internet ACTION, complete !!!

    UPS 500VA: +50 $

    Drive CD / DVD-RW: + $ 100 $

    Photo Album
    Vending copier, printer, scanner, payment terminal SC-K.P2 Universal Vending copier, printer, scanner, payment terminal SC-K.P2 Universal Vending copier, printer, scanner, payment terminal SC-K.P2 Universal
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