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      We congratulate all women with a wonderful day of spring - March 8 !!!

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      Специалистами нашего предприятия разработаны и внедрены новые решения и продукты: блок управления камерами хранения, система учета налива пива.

    • 2014-06-22

      New achievements of the company: expanded range of self-service control panels sinks, as well as the development of new mechanisms for vending machines ...

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      Happy Victory Day! Will forever remain in our hearts feat of our grandfathers ...

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      Our company, regardless of the situation is no better in the country, has traditionally participated in the annual international exhibition Vending / PayExpo - 2014

    • 2013-12-23

      Dear customers!
      Inform you that our company has successfully implemented a new system of production quality control and passed on their compliance with international and national quality standards: DSTU ISO 9001: 2009 (ISO 9001: 2008, IDT).

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  • Automat without foam for bottling in PET bottles

    Automat without foam for bottling in PET bottles

    Is there a niche for modern conditions undeservedly forgotten vending live beer or kvass? Let's consider this question from the perspective of both consumers and sellers.
    Lovers, as if to say, even more precisely, beer lovers will not lie - that is sold under the brand name of this noble drink in sealed plastic bottles or metal cans with the terms of the implementation of in a few months is to beer very indirect relationship. Yes, there are similarities in color and frothy, maybe the producers manage to come close to the taste characteristics, but the most important thing - sparkling beverages, fresh flavor it is impossible to achieve.
    Those who caught even a time when beer were produced without preservatives, remember - When you purchase always looked at the date of issue. Fresh took great demand, yesterday's little puckered, but take, and if it took more than two days, no self-respecting man a drink is not acquired. In addition, never forget how positive emotions contained a seemingly laconic sign on the pub "Fresh beer»!
    The situation is similar with kvass. For fresh drink, once stoivshim six cents per glass, queues, and today bottles with liquids, issued for kvass, sadly months are on the shelves.
    Course, real, live drinks are available now, but, alas , places selling them a bit, and a lot of them lined up the queue. Owners of grocery stores are reluctant to organize the implementation of these drinks, and, in principle, can be understood. It's - it uneconomical use of time seller, who is forced to deal with spills on motley packaging and inevitable expectation of settling foam. The result - long lines with very little economic benefit. Simply put on the shelves of canned surrogate - fewer problems, and anyway, sooner or later - will buy.
    But the situation is different - a man who knows a lot about a proposed sale of beverages on the way home from work on a hot day sees the machine with the issuance bottles and filling in plastic containers. Do you think he will resist the temptation? Of course not, and, moreover, this outlet is most needed him, he will never forget the way here.
    Follow certain objections - turn something not going anywhere, and not everyone wants to spend their time at the beer machine. Here lies the main error and opponents of such vending trade. Modern machines are equipped with a special system based on the principle of counter-pressure, which prevents the formation of abundant foam. Thus, the implementation process is quick - clean new containers filled in a short time, and exactly in the quantities for which the customer paid.
    Maybe someone does not need to type a drink with him, it would be quite satisfied fresh glass of cold beer, drunk on the spot. This is also not a problem if people were beer machine dispensing drinks in disposable cups. No complications - put money into terminal, received the surrender - and enjoy the taste and aroma of this beer. Agree, much better than the half-liter "glass" of dubious quality.
    And now - look the part of the entrepreneur. Do weaknesses in the organization of this type of vending sales?
    Perhaps some part of the business does not trust the capabilities of modern technology and prefers all payments from the buyer to carry out only through sellers. But even in this case, automatic bottling in PET - a godsend for small retail outlet. Space it takes up quite a bit, and the gap Seller to control the spill - minimal. Its functions are reduced to the most simple algorithm - took the money, put the container in the machine and press the button to select the type and quantity of beverage. While the machine yourself, absolutely without foam, pour into a bottle beer or kvass, you can safely serve another buyer. Thus, it does not take longer time than, for example, by weighing the required amount of the same sausage.
    Well, why not trust the automation? The present level of development of communication allows you to provide a system of automatic remote GSM control. Just imagine all the comfort of a situation - always in real time can be tracked not only cash and assess the net profit from the sale - the entrepreneur has information about how many beverage kegs left to his machine, where and to what extent required express delivery. All this is systematized in the main computer almost from the issuance of such diagrams effectiveness of business. What else you need to conduct a thorough analysis of the case and ensure its continuity?
    What machines will be in high demand, probably already beyond doubt. If their place even in small areas of stores so-called "walking", the problems with profitability should not occur - the minimum rents, hygiene requirements have been maintained very design of equipment that does not allow external factors. It is possible to install machines and on the street - their body is filled with protected design and is able to withstand any atmospheric precipitation, dust and high temperature air.
    Quality problems also sold drinks should not be - a high demand for these "live" beers or kvass never give drinks to exceed their shelf life - 10-12 hours. Rather, you will need to take care of organizing the timely replacement of kegs with new fresh consignments.
    Do not forget about advertising. Manufacturers of vehicles in this matter are always ready to help. Firstly, at the stage of manufacturing equipment will suffer the desired color and pattern, the company logo of the customer. Secondly, the possibility of placement on the machine body of electronic advertising. Thus, we can organically combine effective sales promotion with its trading company.

    Vending BEER MACHINE for the automated issuance of PET bottles followed without foam pouring them drinks from containers KEG - a new and very promising area of ​​development of vending business. At present, more and more popular among consumers gaining natural products. From drinks are very popular, so-called "living beer" and "lively brew." This type of product is different in that they do not contain preservatives and other chemical additives and no doubt have high taste.

    Doing business selling "fresh beer" or "live kvas," is a challenge. Such beverages can only be stored in metal drums KEG, wherein the shelf life is not more than 10 days at a temperature not exceeding 12 C. In this regard, as well as for other reasons (long process of loading beverage, lack of free space for the equipment, the complexity of accounting), most grocery stores do not carry out the sale of drinks on tap.

    Our machine can solve all the problems related to the sale of drinks on tap.
    Machine according without foamfoaming beverage bottling is a metal vandal-proof cabinet, which are available on the storage kegs with a drink, flow cooler, specialized automation, as well as filling the system without foam working on the principle of pressure. The area occupied by the automaton is small enough, you can place it in places such as grocery stores, shopping area inside the supermarket, shopping pavilion etc. To get a drink bottle buyer should install into the machine and press the drink selection, installation itself will perform all necessary operations for filling bottles and at the right time will complete the process of loading.
    advantages of automated installation for bottling foaming beverage, over the traditional way of implementing drinks on tap are:

    much smaller area occupied by the point of sale;
    - Ability   placing the installation in almost every store.
    - Simplify the organization of work and control the retail outlet.
    - Seller does not spend extra time to perform loading.
    - Seller is often non-existent!
    - to the location of the installation practically does not extend nor any sanitary hygiene standards, because the entire system is closed from the environment.

    Video PIVOMATA work with the issuance of the bottle:




    Automatic bottling in PET (base model) $2 950.00
    Technical characteristics Additional options

    Metallic housing, coated with a polymer

    Capacity drink 1 KEG

    The system without foam filling submersible

    Flow cooler drink

    + CO2 cylinder gear

    Automatic curtains zone filling: +200 $

    Increase the size of the shell, each one keg: +300 $

    Module GSM: +200 $

    Device issuance of bottles: +1000 $

    The printer adhesive labels: +600 $

    Kupjuropriemnik ITL NV9: +350 $

    Kupjuropriemnik Cashcode MSM: +750 $

    Coin mnogonominalny: +200 $

    Coin with the issuance of delivery: +550 $

    Promotional monitor DigitalSignage: +250 $

    Increase col- Island beers, one for each grade: +400 $

    * - deliver in RUSSIA and CIS

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    Automat without foam for bottling in PET bottles Automat without foam for bottling in PET bottles Automat without foam for bottling in PET bottles
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