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    • 2015-03-06

      We congratulate all women with a wonderful day of spring - March 8 !!!

    • 2015-03-05

      Специалистами нашего предприятия разработаны и внедрены новые решения и продукты: блок управления камерами хранения, система учета налива пива.

    • 2014-06-22

      New achievements of the company: expanded range of self-service control panels sinks, as well as the development of new mechanisms for vending machines ...

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      Happy Victory Day! Will forever remain in our hearts feat of our grandfathers ...

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      Our company, regardless of the situation is no better in the country, has traditionally participated in the annual international exhibition Vending / PayExpo - 2014

    • 2013-12-23

      Dear customers!
      Inform you that our company has successfully implemented a new system of production quality control and passed on their compliance with international and national quality standards: DSTU ISO 9001: 2009 (ISO 9001: 2008, IDT).

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  • Photobooth for the print INSTAGRAM photos

    Photobooth for the print INSTAGRAM photos

    Photo kiosk for printing Instagram photos.
    Are you looking for vending innovation? Then you will be interested in the Instagram photo-printing automat. Printing Instagram photos is the new vending business!
    In the modern world there are cases of using popular Internet services to organize the original private business. Interesting business ideas didn’t go round by fans of such social network like Instagram.

    Social networks and ideas for business: Instagram is on service for entrepreneurs.
    Despite the relatively short period of its existence, the social service Instagram has managed to conquer the hearts of many users.
    Many millions of its fans living throughout the world are selfie-fans and those who like to create and edit photos using mobile devices. It is not surprising that the current smartphones have hi-tech photo modules, which guarantees the excellent quality of the images. Therefore, the main reason in the popularization of mobile photos is certainly that a smartphone is always in touch and ready to capture any of the most unexpected pictures of your life.
    The whole functional of Instagram are aimed to organize the storage of these unique personal photos. For images, taken by its users, there are many quick and easy to use options and services: you can change the appearance of photos, apply various filters, add an original signature for each photo, and the main thing - to save countless of your photos and share them with the whole world.
    The popularity of Instagram was the basis of a number of interesting, and particularly profitable business ideas. Our company also could not resist such temptation, and have introduced a new, specialized product. Such product is the vending photo kiosk for printing photos from the popular network, fully focused on the work with Instagram pictures. Certainly, even this equipment is new in the sense of the application, but it is not new to us by the technical side, because such equipment is produced by our company for a long time. Thus photo kiosk for printing photos from Instagram was simply destined to become quality, reliable, and mostly popular item in our product range.
    It must be say, that this type of photo kiosk has breathed new life into such type of equipment. For a long time we have already offered photo kiosks to print photos from USB, flash cards, etc. But previously popular equipment has now become less demanding, as people stopped to store photos on a flash drive, because it is much easier to load them on the Internet. But here we see the desire to have an actual, touchable picture, to be able to give it to someone as a souvenir or just to hang framed on the wall – it isn’t disappeared, and print photos are on demand now.
    Of course, in theory, such photos can be printed at the Photo Lab. However, the activities of the latter depends on the human factor, because they only work 8-12 hours a day and drive the user to deal with moving the data to other media (flash drives, disks) manually. And the cost of printing single photos is often causing complains, therefore autonomic, relentless photo kiosk working round-the-clock without pay – is a great alternative to Photo Labs.

    The appearance of the photo kiosk and printing pictures.
    Area of photo kiosk takes up a little space - less than 1 square meter. Its representative appearance is causing interest, and most importantly, attracts potential customers. Software and electronic filling of photo kiosk is hidden in the case made of high-quality metal or even wood. Advertising bright scenes are demonstrated on the large touch-screen display. Also, with this display, the user can easily interact with the device for printing, because advanced touch input technologies are applied on it. There is also a bill acceptor on it, which allows you to pay notes any denominations for the photo printing. If a person previously used the services of photo kiosk, one can make a payment by check of electronic change.
    Interaction with photo kiosk and printing pictures is a very simple and intuitive process. The touch keyboard on the photo kiosk screen allows you to enter the login of Instagram, select the pictures, pay for service and wait for the result of printing the photos. The print speed is very solid - the production of two photos takes less than 15 seconds.
    Photo kiosk customers have already evaluated some interesting "tricks" embedded by software developers. Firstly, it’s allowed to print not only your own photos, but also public favorite photos made by other Instagram users. All you need to do - is to enter the login of account holder and select certain pictures.
    Secondly, the photos of different profiles can be printed within one order. You can first select the pictures from one account, and then - from another, then from the third one, and finally pay for their printing by one note. By the way, the price of printing one photo is small - only 10 hryvnias, so that the 200 hryvnias bill will allows you to print 20 high quality images at the same time.
    Photographs got the square shape that looks like those instant photos that were previously done using a unique camera with instant photo - "Polaroid". However, the quality of the current print is much higher: the brightness of colors in these pictures is stable for decades; they can hardly crumple and they resist the external factors such as bright sunlight or high humidity. Such high print quality is made possible by using the premium photo paper and unique technology of dye-sublimation.

    A few words about placements, interest of landlords and creativity attracting of visitors.
    Among the most profitable places to install photo kiosks the shopping centers, clubs and entertainment centers, cinemas and places of mass events (festivals, fairs, exhibitions etc.) should be mentioned.
    Landlords note that installation of unusual vending photo kiosks is profitable: such photographic equipment cause an interest among the visitors, which in turn leads to a greater inflow of people, and so it’s easier to have a deal with them. If the mass event’s organizers show a little bit of creativity, it’s possible to get a good inflow of visitors due the desire to make a selfie with Santa, or costumed characters of popular fairy tales and movies, and then right at hand print a just taken unique Instagram photos.


    Software video:



    Standart, 32" LCD $4 390.00
    Small, 19" LCD $3 790.00
    Technical characteristics Additional options

    Monitor LCD TFT 32", FullHD, 1920x1080

    Touch screen Multiotouch, Infra-red, 6 mm, tempered glass

    CPU Intel Quad Core/ RAM 4Gb/ HDD 250 GB and more

    Communication: network card, Wi-Fi (Bluetooth optional)

    Bill acceptor ITL NV9 (600 bills)

    Professional Thermo Photo printer with with a paper set on 700 photos

    Metal case with powder paint (or wood), branding in Instagram style (the individual design is possible)

    The provided services: Print the Instagram photos, drawing on a photo of a calendar and logos, photography of Selfie, the Booth mode on action, the mode Cheerful CARTOONS (in development)

    Additional: Multilanguage support, the protected service mode, monitoring

    Photo cutting torch cross (for receiving 2 photos by size: 4*3 inches): $ +300

    The advertizing lightbox with the Led light letters: $ +100

    SELFIE module (support of video Cheerful CARTOONS): $ +250

    GSM module for sending the SMS with error codes etc.: $ +100

    Outdoor version (cold&water protection, climate control with heating, the built-in wheels): $ +300

    Replacement of a bill acceptor of ITL NV9 by CashCode MSM: $ +400

    Coin acceptor multinominal: $ +250

    Delivery by coins: $ +250

    Photo Album
    Photobooth for the print INSTAGRAM photos Photobooth for the print INSTAGRAM photos Photobooth for the print INSTAGRAM photos Photobooth for the print INSTAGRAM photos Photobooth for the print INSTAGRAM photos Photobooth for the print INSTAGRAM photos Photobooth for the print INSTAGRAM photos Photobooth for the print INSTAGRAM photos Photobooth for the print INSTAGRAM photos
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