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    • 2015-09-01


    • 2015-03-06

      We congratulate all women with a wonderful day of spring - March 8 !!!

    • 2015-03-05

      Специалистами нашего предприятия разработаны и внедрены новые решения и продукты: блок управления камерами хранения, система учета налива пива.

    • 2014-06-22

      New achievements of the company: expanded range of self-service control panels sinks, as well as the development of new mechanisms for vending machines ...

    • 2014-05-09

      Happy Victory Day! Will forever remain in our hearts feat of our grandfathers ...

    • 2014-04-20

      Our company, regardless of the situation is no better in the country, has traditionally participated in the annual international exhibition Vending / PayExpo - 2014

    • 2013-12-23

      Dear customers!
      Inform you that our company has successfully implemented a new system of production quality control and passed on their compliance with international and national quality standards: DSTU ISO 9001: 2009 (ISO 9001: 2008, IDT).

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  • Sensory industrial terminals: Panel PCs, control panels, system IP65

    Sensory industrial terminals: Panel PCs, control panels, system IP65

    With the development of new technologies in the industry, the introduction of automation systems, increasing demands for quality control, as well as the need for precise control protsessammi - management system with an intuitive user-friendly controls and a graphical display of the processes are urgently needed. And here come to the aid industrial touch terminals. Of course, working conditions, since their very nature, put forward new requirements for such terminals, such as:
    - a high degree of fault tolerance;
    - a high degree of protection against mechanical damage;
    - the ability to work in places with terminals high content of dust or moisture;
    - extended temperature regimes (industrial premises are often not heated or vice versa, the conditions of production is expected at high operating temperature);
    - the ability to install a terminal specialized equipment for process control, etc.
    ... etc
    Company Touchscreen kiosks, based on his years of experience, knowledge and manufacturing capabilities, and successfully entered this market segment. At the moment the number of complex projects for well-known industrial enterprises in Ukraine. Our sensory industrial terminals operated in the most severe operating conditions, where there is: the cold, dust and humidity.
    Typically, industrial solutions based on touch panel - individual, because contact us with your problem and we will help you solve it!


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    Sensory industrial terminals: Panel PCs, control panels, system IP65 Sensory industrial terminals: Panel PCs, control panels, system IP65
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