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Design and manufacture of metal products, services: laser cutting, bending, welding, powder coating.

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    • 2015-09-01


    • 2015-03-06

      We congratulate all women with a wonderful day of spring - March 8 !!!

    • 2015-03-05

      Специалистами нашего предприятия разработаны и внедрены новые решения и продукты: блок управления камерами хранения, система учета налива пива.

    • 2014-06-22

      New achievements of the company: expanded range of self-service control panels sinks, as well as the development of new mechanisms for vending machines ...

    • 2014-05-09

      Happy Victory Day! Will forever remain in our hearts feat of our grandfathers ...

    • 2014-04-20

      Our company, regardless of the situation is no better in the country, has traditionally participated in the annual international exhibition Vending / PayExpo - 2014

    • 2013-12-23

      Dear customers!
      Inform you that our company has successfully implemented a new system of production quality control and passed on their compliance with international and national quality standards: DSTU ISO 9001: 2009 (ISO 9001: 2008, IDT).

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  • Photobooth for the print INSTAGRAM photos

    Photobooth for the print INSTAGRAM photos. Allows to choose and print a photo from the most popular network of storage of photos. Access to a photo is made through input of login and the password of the user on the big touch screen. The press of a photo is carried out by a high-quality studio photo the printer on technology of the thermosublimation press.

  • Vending machine with fresh milk: Milk machine

    Milk machine opens up new opportunities for business: high-quality low-cost milk buyers will appreciate, and investment in the dairy business will lead to a rapid return and income growth.

  • Automat without foam for bottling in PET bottles

    Vending BEER MACHINE for the automated issuance of PET bottles followed without foam pouring them drinks from containers KEG - a new and very promising area of ​​development of vending business. At present, more and more popular among consumers gaining natural products. From drinks are very popular, so-called "living beer" and "lively brew." This type of product is different in that they do not contain preservatives and other chemical additives and no doubt have high taste.

  • A vending machine for soft drinks, beer, kvass

    The machine is designed for preparation and sale of carbonated water with several kinds of syrups,
    as well as beer and kvass. Main units of the machine are: a vandal-proof, dust and moisture protected
    metal housing, a device for carbonated water preparation, specialized automation, payment devices,
    pumps for syrup, CO2 balon.

  • Photobooths funny entertainment photos and documents SC-FK.P1

    Atomatic photobooths intended for the momentary manufacture of passport photo and entertainment photos. Excellent highly remunerative kind of entertaining and vending business. All document's photo sizes, entertainment function abundance, "Distorting mirror" unique option, which is built on the videostream, self-containment, monitoring, street version.

  • Mobile photokiosks

    Mobile PhotoKiosk - An amusement machine designed for snapshots passing-by people (tourists). Mobile and compact, it could be installed infront of monuments, cathedrals, stadiums, beaches and so on. And all you need is just rolled out it in the morning and rolled back in the evening time. Through Mobile Kiosk you can make memorable pictures of your vacation , of your fellowship with friends, full of bright moments. It is posable thanks to the availability of the function of instant payment and instant print of high quality.

  • Vending copier, printer, scanner, payment terminal SC-K.P2 Universal

    Universal Vending copier (superior functionality kopirkin). Vandal has a modern building, a Russian interface and performs a large number of functions, combining previously available automated trading capabilities, such as: - the copying of documents up to A4; - Scan to PDF book and preservation; - Printing from USB-drive or floppy disk; - Library of forms, metodichek, abstracts, books; - Reception of payments for communication services and so on.

  • Information kiosk SK-I.P1

    The most popular model of universal information terminal floor execution, made in an elegant package. A simple and convenient way to get any information: background information, a description of the goods, services, other. Can be equipped with a barcode scanner, receipt printer, functionality can be used as, anywhere, easily configurable for specific purposes of the customer.

  • Remote control or self-service car wash sink SK-AMP.U1

    Remote control devices automatic car wash is designed to activate the various programs of washing the car, by making the required number of tokens, and then selecting Programs.

  • Payment terminal UNIVERSAL (cashiers, piece goods, bank)

    Universal payment terminal, which has no analogues in Ukraine on the balance of aesthetic appearance and versatile spaciousness, allows you to set the overall components of the most diverse and specialized applications. Pщssшble options: an A4 laser printer, a dispenser for dispensing of piece goods, a ticket printer, a bill acceptor for receiving bills from the stack ets.

  • Sponsored Monitors Digital Signage (indoor, outdoor, in transport)

    Advertizing monitor Digital Signage - is a device, that mainly used to deliver advertisements. It could be located in transport, inside or even outdoor with the Digital Signage technology. The most suitable placements for location are shopping centers, buses, trains and other transport, big city's stations, public places with the big number of passeres-by.

  • POCHTOMAT - postal machines and automatic luggage

    Pochtomat is an automatic station, reception and delivery of items of small size. Station - a plurality of cells, acting as automatic storage chamber, which can be accessed using the touch screen. Loading operation in postamat items and their preparation is carried out using the access codes that are available after payment of items.

  • Information kiosks with a large screen MULTITOUCH SC-I.P32...SC-I.P.P55

    Information kiosk in an elegant package with a large multitouch screen.
    Touch screen 32" and 42" are available. A simple and convenient way to get any information:
    a description of the goods, services, other. Can be equipped with a barcode scanner, receipt printer,
    functionality can be used anywhere for any purposes, easily configurable for specific purposes
    of the customer.

  • Outdoor advertising monitors and projectors, Hot meal boxes and protective covers

    Outdoor advertising monitors and projectors - is intended for outside useing, in the temperature
    from 30C to 40C degrees. Equipped with a sealed housing, opposing weather precipitation, armored
    protective glass, climate control, seats set-top box. We also produce protective housing for
    professional liquid crystal displays.

  • Exchanges badge machine SK-AMO.UV1

    Change machine is designed for the issuance of the required number of tokens in exchange for bills introduced, according to their value. This modification of the machine is made in the embedded form factor that provides a reliable and aesthetic installation, and provides easy access for maintenance personnel, replenishing and collection of tokens through the back door of the machine. At the request of the customer can design a different form factor enclosure.